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Concentrate on building and running your business – we do the rest. Get all your marketing needs taken care of by Munich's most prolific young creative network.



Videos bring together all creative areas. With image and sound, your brand can be represented holistically and distributed on almost any platform. Through intricate, careful planning, the entire focus is first placed on the story - only after this is totally in sync with your values and target group we go on with production.

In 80 Seconds

If you present your brand in a playful way, your clients and customers will start actively seeking out more content from you. Why? Because instead of normal "commercials" you’re suddenly offering viewers a welcome break from everyday life - and they will be grateful to you.

The Team

Unleashed Marketing - a video marketing agency that uses humor to communicate your brand values. Meet Albert, Joachim and Robert – 25 years of combined marketing experience despite their age.

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