Unleashed Marketing sat down for a few hours with the team at DriveNow. This is what came out of it: the company's first April Fool's joke video.

Laugh your app off!

No company should miss April first. It's a unique chance to exaggerate what you offer your customers, without fear of repercussions. In fact, the opposite is usually the case – customers love you all the more for it. Rarely is an ad shared on social media as often as a good April Fool's joke. For DriveNow, Unleashed Marketing thought up a feature that seems...fine...at first....

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Jens Rose, Junior Marketing Manager

Working with Unleashed Marketing was very effective and professional. We're especially impressed by the very quick implementation of their creative concept!

Jens Rose, Junior Marketing Manager, DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG

(Almost) a believable feature...

A new, revolutionary feature is online in the DriveNow app. A great UI, with the newest tech...

...which is immediately stretched to its limits by impatient users. A bitter race to the end begins...

...but the winner is, as usual, the one with the best strategy...

... who lets everyone else bite the dust.

Only half a day shooting....

Drive Me Crazy

On Location

The Team

At 2:30 PM, the shooting day is already done. The team poses proudly in front of Ludwig II, aDriveNow BMW i3.

From left to right: Frederik Hampe (Sound), Hannah Wassermann (Actress), Katharina Schnekenbühl (Actress), Robert Sladeczek (Idea, Actor), Chrisna Lungala (Composer, Directing Assistant), Albert Bozesan (Director, Voice Talent), Jens Rose (Jr. Marketing Manager, DriveNow), Matthias Pfeiffer (Actor). Isabell Reis, not pictured, did makeup.

20:45 - Sound's Ready

Original Music: If movies get it, why not your ad?

As with many Unleashed Marketing productions and other videos, Chrisna Lungala composed and single-handedly recorded an original orchestral soundtrack for BeFirst. Each character, each slapstick moment, is individually underscored. Just a few hours after we finished shooting, Chrisna sent a first draft into the editing room. The following days, small perfections were made, and the soundtrack was complete!

The voice-over guy's fine. He swears.

Albert Bozesan, director and co-writer of the commercial, records the voice-over in English and German shortly after completing the first cut. This guarantees that the story arc is still fresh on his mind, so he knows exactly where to place emphasis. In addition, this unusual constellation of having writer, director and voice-over guy in one person, makes it possible for the person who develops the script with a client to be the same as the one who has to record it later. That saves a lot of time and trouble!


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